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If You’re Not Getting Paid to Pay Attention…
You Need to Pay Attention to This! 

Why do some entrepreneurs and small business owners seem to breeze through their work and easily make money while others struggle to get anything done? What traits stop a self-employed professional or a busy freelancer from accomplishing the tasks that will lead to the business of their dreams?

Marilyn Strong reveals the answers to these and other questions in her new book, “Getting Paid to Pay Attention – Why Your Business Suffers From A.D.D. and How to Fix It.”


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Meet Marilyn Strong:

Marilyn Strong has been a newspaper publisher, a brilliant marketing strategist and an accomplished speaker and trainer in spite of her Attention Deficit Disorder. In the book, “Getting Paid to Pay Attention” she provides strategies to help small business owners take action and stay focused on all aspects of their business so they can avoid Business A.D.D.

This book is a culmination of a lifelong study of ADD/ADHD and how it affects entrepreneurs. Her rock-solid strategies and breezy writing style make learning and implementing her strategies an easy process.

About the Book:

If you have ever struggled to meet deadlines, finish important projects or just procrastinate until the last second then “Getting Paid to Pay Attention – Why Your Business Suffers From A.D.D. and How to Fix It” may just have the solutions to your problems.

Written for business owners and entrepreneurs who suspect they may have ADD/ADHD, it’s chock-full of tips, strategies and helpful advice designed to help you maximize your work environment and your mental processes to produce far more amazing outcomes than you may be used to.

 “Marilyn Strong’s honest, human approach to conquering common business challenges sets this book apart from the rest. No-nonsense business strategies have never been delivered in such a delightfully motivating way!”
 Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., founder of the Hallowell Centres and author of Crazy Busy. Overstretched Overbooked and About to Snap.

Marilyn’s strategies for handling procrastination, distraction, and hyper-focus are thoughtful, original and fun!”
– T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller :Secrets of the Millionaire Mind




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